Hello, world!

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.

How long? Well, when I tried to register to WordPress this week, it told me there was an existing account under my email, dating back to 2007.

Since then life happened. I studied and became an engineer, served in the Israeli Defence Forces, joined the startup scene in Tel-Aviv. It’s been hard and it’s been great; I just never got around to writing.

Nowadays, I still have a huge amount of duties and responsibilities: A full time job, a master’s degree, friends and family and hobbies. It’s so easy to further postpone my writing aspirations; writing requires focus, direction and big chunks of time – it’s never a good moment to start.

But lately I’ve adhered to the notion that it’s better to become a doer first and add some course corrections later.  I’m simply going to start and see where this takes me. The results are bound to be better than nothing.

This blog will reflect, but not be limited to, my attempt at conscious living. I will also write about fields of interest such as rationality, psychology, productivity, computer vision and algorithms. Finally, I’ll share my hobbies, media consumption and general thoughts. You can see how focused I am.


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