Japan day 11: Koyasan in the morning, Osaka castle, final words

Koyasan in the morning

Waking up late, I’ve missed the morning prayers with the monks (shame!) and simply joined everyone at breakfast. I got ready quickly and went out to see the cemetery and temple, for the third time now.



[The streets of Koyasan]

Do you remember the dark, scary, forest from my previous post? Well, apparently someone replaced it with a green, lively forest of dancing mists and shadows. I could hardly believe my eyes as I passed the same spots I’ve been to twice before and literally seen them in a new light.











As I got to the end of the cemetery near the bridge that led to the temple grounds, I snapped some photos of the other side where the Japanese autumn colors were on full display:





A quick stop in Osaka castle

It was time to head back to Tokyo, but I insisted on cramming a short visit to Osaka park and castle. Here are a few photos I snapped while dragging around the entirety of my luggage:





[Osaka Castle]

Taking the Shinkansen back to Tokyo, I indulged myself with a relatively expensive Bento box. The cake, bought in a small baked goods store in the train station, was one of the best I’ve ever tasted; It is almost impossible to overstate just how meticulously the Japanese approach their personal art. In Japan, sometimes eating cake makes you think of perfection.


Parting words and a goodbye selfie

I am out of photographs to share, but not yet out of words.

Astute readers have probably noticed a few days missing from this 15-day journey. That is indeed the case and it’s on purpose; Not all stories were made to be shared on the internet, though hints for missing pieces were dropped throughout 😉

This sequence took almost an entire year to write. Since returning from Japan, I’ve had a crazy year – both personally and professionally; A few times things got so hectic that I didn’t post for months. I’ve been on two more trips: a week in London in December and another one in Croatia and Slovenia in May, yet they did not merit more than an ordinary photo album. Always – when I had time, I would come back to visit these memories of Japan.

I set out to write the sequence with specific goals in mind:

  1. Enhance and keep the memories from the trip. Memories are a happiness multiplier (a topic for another time).
  2. Share my stories and pictures. Written stories never fade and you only have to get them right once.
  3. Flex my writing muscles, establish and learn from a constant presence on the web via a long-term project.

It is with great pride and satisfaction that I mark each of these goals as “done”. The time investment and mental efforts were certainly worth it; These posts will last forever, and the feedback I’ve received has been invaluable.

Oh! I might even be visiting Japan again this year, on a business trip. Don’t expect to be writing posts about it, though.

As a goodbye selfie, here I am in an iconic Lady in Red moment on the train back to Narita airport.



The End

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